Monday, 17 July 2017

Snapshots of St Ebbe's

Another fantastic collection of images and memorabilia has come to light. David Brown spent his childhood in St Ebbe's, moving to Marston in his early teens when St Ebbe's was demolished. He is a keen collector and has gathered a fascinating array of material.

We spent some time looking at a collection of photographs given to David by his friend. These are snapshots taken around St Ebbe's in the early stages of the demolition. Many are of seemingly quite ordinary buildings and places - not necessarily the most attractive parts of St Ebbe's - but at a reminiscence session the significance of these places emerged. It was interesting to see how photos taken by an 'insider' of St Ebbe's - someone who knew the area intimately as a resident - were so evocative for former residents who have rich memories of daily life associated with these places.

Mabel's shop. "It was absolutely packed. If there was anything you wanted you could buy it here!"  

"You see the lamp post on the corner? I remember the lady who lived in this house used to mop the bottom of the lamp post every morning. In case a dog had done a wee on it." 

The back of Paradise Square.

Paradise Street

Paradise Square.

Charles Street (now Turn Again Lane). The two houses on the left were demolished (despite being listed). Oxford Preservation Trust saved the remaining buildings in the terrace. 

Warburtons scrap yard. This space was very important for the community, and particularly for children who would earn pennies for taking bottles, scrap metal, even rabbit skins to the scrap yard. 

Looking up Littlegate Street towards the town centre. Albion Terrace (childhood home of Gillian Williams) is seen on the left. This was sadly demolished, but the garden and vicarage beyond survived.

Corner of Castle Street and Paradise Square.

Luther Terrace

New Street - T Bard & Son was a fish wholesaler.

Speedwell Street

Thames Street with South Oxford School on the right.

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